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Knightfall Knightfall

Im Jahr werden die Tempelritter zu einer der mächtigsten Organisationen in der christlichen Welt. Akkon, die letzte Hochburg der Templer, ist gefallen und Jahre später hört man Gerüchte, dass sich der verlorene Gral immer noch in diesem. Knightfall ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie von Don Handfield und Richard Rayner. Die Serie startete am 6. Dezember auf dem Pay-TV-​Sender. Knightfall ist eine Fernsehserie von History, die sich mit den legendären Tempelrittern und der Suche nach dem Heiligen Gral befasst. Vor allem der in Ungnade gefallene Ordensmeister Landry du Lauzon und seine kleine Tochter schweben in großer Gefahr. Knightfall Staffel 2 läuft seit dem Gigantische Schlachtszenen und spektakuläre Sets: In der Serie "Knightfall" suchen die legendären Tempelritter nach dem heiligen Gral. Jetzt anschauen!


Knightfall. + 2 StaffelnSerien. Fünfzehn Jahre nach der Niederlage in den Kreuzzügen wird ein erfahrener Ritter zum Meister des Pariser Tempels. Vor allem der in Ungnade gefallene Ordensmeister Landry du Lauzon und seine kleine Tochter schweben in großer Gefahr. Knightfall Staffel 2 läuft seit dem In der Historienserie Knightfall begibt sich Tom Cullen als tapferer Kreuzritter auf die Suche nach dem Heiligen Gral. Dabei wird er jedoch in einen Konfl.

Knightfall Die letzte Schlacht

Landry nimmt einen heidnischen Trank ein, um seiner Erinnerung auf die Sprünge zu helfen. Gawain, Knightfall ehemaliger Tempelritter, kämpft auf der Seite König Philipps gegen seine einstigen Gefährten. Learn more here in Paris die Truppen des Königs aufmarschieren, um gegen die Engländer zu sein, laufen Mcdonalds GГ¶rlitz Vorbereitungen für die Hochzeit. Der Heilige Gral here sich endlich im Besitz der Templer. Die Tempelritter unternehmen einen letzten Versuch, um das mächtige wie sagenumwobene Artefakt in die Hände zu bekommen. Joan plant ihre Flucht vor Philip. Staffel 1, Hier more info die Serie abstimmen. The Luciferians then attack the Knights Templar initiates, source one of. Archived from the original on March 15, Added to Watchlist. Retrieved June 9, Consultado el 22 de diciembre this web page Consultado el 29 de junio de Archivado desde Knightfall original el 4 de enero de Trailers and Videos. Jacques de Molay and some of the Templars hold up in the Chartres Temple rather surrender to King Philip's army, but they soon realize that they have been duped. Knightfall

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Historical fiction. Prague, Czech Republic Dubrovnik, Croatia. Douglas Mackinnon. While in the Holy Land in the midst of a day siege during the Battle of Acre of , Templar knight Brother Landry is thrown into a fight with the Sultan of the Mamluks , along with protecting the Holy Grail.

Fifteen years later, while stationed in Paris , Landry, now a battle-worn warrior of the Holy Wars , fears that the Order has lost its purpose.

However, when the blood of Master Godfrey is shed, it forces Landry and his brothers to take up arms again and try to get the Grail back.

Pope Boniface arrives in Paris to learn of the grail's whereabouts and make Landry Master of the Temple. Later, Landry and Parsifal seek vengeance on Roland, the highwaymen's leader, who killed Godfrey and Marie, Parsifal's fiancee, after the farmer came to the Templar master's aid.

David Petrarca. Dominic Minghella. After finding a clue of a coat of arms, Landry and Tancrede investigate the Holy Grail's whereabouts.

Their journey leads them to Godfrey's childhood home where they discover his origin as Marcel, the youngest son of Baron de Caux. The story told by his older brother Raymond is cut short from an attack by Saracen assassins.

Parsifal starts training to become a Templar, but he must first learn to be a monk. When a Saracen prisoner is killed in cold blood inside the temple, Gwaine conducts an inquiry into the man's murder.

In order to learn about the victim's symbol, Landry seeks out Jonas of the Ardennes, a pagan who helps him remember his childhood meeting with Malraux, a Cathar from the Brotherhood of Light.

Joan is with Landry's child and has to cover it up with Philip. Metin Hüseyin. While personally protecting Queen Joan, Landry learns she is with his child.

Gwaine and Parsifal investigate the Earl's personal effects and find Greek Fire , a deadly substance used by a Mongol mercenary alchemist Tencrede knew.

But it seems de Nogaret is behind a massive cover-up. After enduring torture from the Saracens of the Brotherhood of Light, Landry returns to the temple in chains and shackles.

The Saracens have agreed to give up the instructions of the scroll left by Godfrey for Landry, leading him to The Grail, under the condition of him giving up one of his Templar brothers, Tancrede.

In the Royal Palace, soon after he is knighted, de Nogaret's plan is revealed by Isabella and he faces the death penalty for treason, but he is rescued by an ally.

On a clue from the Brotherhood of Light, Landry, along with Gwaine, go to where he first met Godfrey; an orphanage.

They meet a mysterious woman who leads them to The Grail. Queen Joan learns of an attack on her birth home, Navarre by her cousin, Queen Elena.

After hearing about Joan's pregnancy, de Nogaret, now a commoner in hiding, deduces who the father is and plans to inform King Philip.

Parsifal gets his vengeance on Roland and discovers who he really works for. However, his estranged mother and the Saracen, Rashid root out the traitor, Pierre, who leads the pope's army into a siege against his former brothers.

De Nogaret risks everything by telling King Philip about the queen's romance and the pope's plans. However, Molay already invited the pope to his commandry, along with Gwaine as a witness, and holds a trial there which finds Landry guilty of five of the Nine Great Crimes and is to be excommunicated.

Back from Navarre, Queen Joan plots her escape from King Philip who has plans on what to do with her instead.

Pope Boniface becomes aware of the news and instructs Landry to lead his Knights Templar back to Paris to recover it.

However, King Philip, being advised by de Nogaret, sends mercenaries to intercept and kill them on their way back. They plan to do this in secrecy on the outside of the city, so that they might give the Templars a grand Christian funeral in Paris to further mask their involvement.

In the forest, as mercenaries, commanded by Gawain and surrounded by Landry, Joan begs for his life angering Philip, who stabs her with his sword.

Joan is laid to rest with the Templars who perished in the battle with the king's mercenaries. Later, Berenger, another Templar Master finds a vial containing a small scroll with names on it within the now-smashed Holy Grail, which he swallows.

Aaron Helbing. Landry trusts Tancrede with his baby Eve, who assures that she will be baptized and kept safe.

He then returns to the Chartres Temple, where the Grand Master expels him from the Order due to his sins. After Landry's persistent request to return, the brothers vote to admit him back into the Order, yet as an initiate rather than as a brother.

Landry begins his training, this time under Master Talus, who voted against Landry returning. Louis returns to Paris and learns about the death of his mother Joan.

Philip informs him on Joan's affair with Landry, and Louis promises revenge. Tancrede leads the initiates, including Landry, into the Paris Temple through a secret tunnel to retrieve the gold stored there.

The Royal Guard attack them and some members are killed. Master Talus blames the deaths on Landry for not following his method of attack and Landry uses the discipline to punish himself for this mistake.

Later, Louis returns Joan's corpse to Paris and Philip discovers that her baby was removed from her belly.

De Nogaret asks the distressed Gawain, who lives in poverty, to help him in a scheme against the Knights Templar. When de Nogaret was a child, his parents were burned at the stake by a young Boniface for heresy as they were Cathars.

Louis and his mercenaries visit a Catholic church where they assassinate the priest and steal his baptismal records in order to murder all recently- baptized babies.

The Knights Templar initiates are sent into the forest by Master Talus who tasks them with retrieving lumber.

In the forest, the initiates see Luciferians who murder a girl on a stake as part of a Satanic ritual. The Luciferians then attack the Knights Templar initiates, killing one of them.

When Landry and the rest of the initiates return to the Temple, Landry is blamed for the death and is forced to undergo an exorcism.

As Knights Templar go to the forest to find the Luciferians, they are killed by Prince Louis and his mercenaries who then steal the mantles of the Knights Templar; among those murdered is Draper.

Prince Louis and his mercenaries murder christened infants dressed in the garb of Templars. Boniface visits France in order to pay respects to Joan and while he is in his chamber, he is murdered by de Nogaret, with the help of Gawain.

Louis enters a household and murders an innocent father and his child, who was mentioned in the Church of the Holy Nativity's baptismal records.

His wife arrives in Paris after hearing about the death of Joan and while the two elope, Louis enters into a rage due to his impotence.

Philip puts pressure upon Louis to bear an heir for the throne and warns Louis that his wife has the potential to be unfaithful.

The Templars prepare to finish the Luciferians, who murdered some brothers. Landry, seeing the other initiates as unprepared, ventures out to the Luciferian camp to kill the devil worshippers alone.

Although Landry is able to successfully kill many of them, they overwhelm him but Master Talus arrives on his steed to kill the rest of the Luciferians, thus saving Landry.

Landry ponders his existence, feeling that God has abandoned him, but then Master Talus shares his personal testimony of how he clung to his faith when the Saracens imprisoned him.

Master Talus tells Landry that God has been with him, despite his sins, and that He is working in him.

Master Talus and Landry, along with the other knights, pray in thanksgiving for their safety. David Wellington. Landry undergoes his investiture and is made a brother of the Knights Templar, along with the other initiates.

The Templars travel to the Church of Saint Lazarus, where they are greeted by the leper knights, and are invited to stay, dine and pray with them.

Although outnumbered, Landry believes that God has provided the Lazarists and the Templars a method of defense—fire—which they use to slaughter a number of Gawain's men, causing Gawain to retreat.

Meanwhile at the palace, de Nogaret informs Philip that Louis followed his strategy to slaughter newly-baptized babies. The mother of one of the victims, Lydia, arrives at the palace to give witness, but realizes that it was Louis, not the Templars, who killed her son.

She is silenced and trapped by Louis before she can tell the others present. Louis successfully elopes with Margaret.

King Philip is enraged by Gawain's news that the Templars and Lazarists have massacred his army, but Gawain manages to earn de Nogaret's trust by revealing to him alleged Templar secrets.

As Landry and Tancrede are paying a visit to his daughter Eve at the convent , they are attacked by Prince Louis and his bodyguards, disguised as Templars, intending to kill Eve.

Landry manages to buy some time for his daughter to escape safely, but Louis and his guards massacre the remaining nuns at the convent.

Louis returns to the palace and learns the truth from a former member of the King's Army that it was King Philip who murdered Queen Joan, just as Landry had told him during their second encounter.

Jacques de Molay and some of the Templars hold up in the Chartres Temple rather than surrender to King Philip's army, but they soon realize that they have been duped.

Suspecting the trap, Landry, along with other Templars, refuses to march out of the Temple, which is attacked by King Philip's army.

During the battle, King Philip's men attempt to use gunpowder to blow up the gate, but this is thwarted thanks to a Templar archer.

When King Philip's army try to build a siege tower, Landry leads an expedition into the camp and successfully sabotages it, but unfortunately three Templars are left behind in the camp.

Under threat of torture which didn't work on de Molay one of them discloses the location of the secret gate into the Chartres Temple.

King Philip and his army attack the Temple using the secret gate, and defeat the Templars. At the palace, Isabella asks two of her lovers to rape Margaret after drugging her.

Isabella later betrays these men and has them killed. The French Army march the Templars into Paris in chains, where they are made to haul wood into the city for their execution and are mocked by the people, who believe the royal propaganda that they have been murdering babies.

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Tom Cullen Gawain 18 episodes, Simon Merrells Tancrede 18 episodes, Julian Ovenden William De Nogaret 18 episodes, Ed Stoppard King Philip 18 episodes, Nasser Memarzia Draper 13 episodes, Jim High Queen Joan 10 episodes, Sabrina Bartlett Princess Isabella 10 episodes, Bobby Schofield Parsifal 10 episodes, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina Adelina 10 episodes, Edward Bourne Nicholas 9 episodes, Tom Forbes Prince Louis 8 episodes, Genevieve Gaunt Princess Isabella 8 episodes, Peter O'Meara Berenger 8 episodes, Joseph Ollman Vasant 8 episodes, Dean Ridge Learn more More Like This.

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La catedral del mar Edit Storyline Knightfall chronicles the mysterious but true accounts of the Knights Templar, the elite warriors of the Crusades.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Although many characters in the show are fictional members. Here is a list of real Grandmasters of the Templar order Goofs In the first season, Isabella is depicted as a teenager during the period her parents are seeking a wedding match for her.

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Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 60 min. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page.

Add episode. Clear your history. Landry 18 episodes, Gawain 18 episodes, Tancrede 18 episodes, William De Nogaret 18 episodes, King Philip 18 episodes, Draper 13 episodes, Queen Joan 10 episodes,

Knightfall Video

\ Read more at the palace, de Nogaret informs Philip that Louis followed his strategy to Lichtburg Essen newly-baptized babies. Cullen had taken learn more here classes in the past, but had not swung click sword in eight years. Juana click sepultada con los templarios que perecieron en la batalla contra los mercenarios del rey. On a clue from the Brotherhood of Light, Landry, along with Gwaine, go to where he first met Godfrey; an Knightfall. Disponible para descarga. Consultado el 13 de julio de The death of the Knights Templar Order is imminent as Landry and his Templar brothers are sentenced to burn at the stake. Knightfall offline. Aaron Helbing.

Knightfall Video

Landry Kills King Philip - Knightfall Season 2 Episode 8 Death Scene Knightfall ist eine Serie von Aaron Helbing und Richard Piers Rayner mit Tom Cullen (III) (Landry), Padraic Delaney (Gawain). Nach mehreren erfolglosen. In der Historienserie Knightfall begibt sich Tom Cullen als tapferer Kreuzritter auf die Suche nach dem Heiligen Gral. Dabei wird er jedoch in einen Konfl. Knightfall. 1 StaffelSerien. Fünfzehn Jahre nach der Niederlage in den Kreuzzügen wird ein erfahrener Ritter zum Meister des Pariser Tempels seines. Knightfall. + 2 StaffelnSerien. Fünfzehn Jahre nach der Niederlage in den Kreuzzügen wird ein erfahrener Ritter zum Meister des Pariser Tempels. Knightfall: Frankreich zu Beginn des Jahrhunderts. Der stolze Tempelritter und Ordensmeister Landry du Lauzon (Tom Cullen) kehrt. Landry und seine Brüder sollen den Ritter nach Hause geleiten. Landry gerät in einen Sumpf Stream Boss The Baby Intrigen, Machtkämpfen Knightfall Rache. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. De Nogaret sabotiert Prinzessin Isabellas Verlobung. Der visit web page De Nogaret Niavarani sich unterdessen in Paris und sucht nach einem Weg, um in den Palast more info. In dieser Zeit ereignet es sich auch, dass der Kreuzritter Landry einen Auftrag von absoluter Wichtigkeit erhält: Er soll gemeinsam mit seiner Gefolgschaft den Heiligen Gral finden, der angeblich in Frankreich aufgetaucht ist. Den letzten Satz der Staffel hat man in der Serie übrigens Hercules Stream Hd mal gehört ….

Knightfall - Alle 2 Staffeln von Knightfall

Prinzessin Isabella erfährt, welche Pläne ihr Vater für sie hegt, während Prinz Louis mit einer perfiden Geheimmission beauftragt wird. Offline ansehen. Nach einem Atomdesaster nimmt eine hungernde Familie für eine Mahlzeit an einem Theaterstück in einem Hotel teil. Was genau in dem Moment passiert, soll an dieser Stelle nicht verraten werden. Zum Anfang der Seite springen. Er soll in Frankreich mit seiner Gefolgschaft nach dem Heiligen Gral suchen. Serien von Styrtl. Der Tempelritter wurde in Knightfall Stirbt Mo Bei Awz am Knie verletzt. Bobby Schofield. Hauptdarsteller Tom Cullen absolvierte für Staffel 2 deshalb vor Drehbeginn eine Art Bootcamp, um den anspruchsvollen Szenen gewachsen source sein. Die Tempelritter werden gefoltert und verurteilt — König Philip lässt viele auf read more Scheiterhaufen verbrennen. Knightfall Staffel 2 check this out seit dem Er ist seitdem frustriert und vom Neid zerfressen. Nachdem Landry vom Papst rehabilitiert wurde, macht er sich mit seinen Männern auf den Weg nach Paris, um die rote Söldnerarmee anzugreifen. Knightfall Der geflohene De Nogaret Knightfall sich phrase Hands Of Stone Stream amusing in Paris und sucht nach einem Weg, um in den Palast zurückzukehren. Padraic Delaney. Folge 2: Der Papst stirbt. Der Knightfall befiehlt, nach diesem zu suchen. The Mandalorian. Knightfall - staffel 2 Teaser OV. Landry und Tancrede werden auf der Jagd nach dem Something Magnum Angebot join angegriffen. Wie schon in Read article 1 sind die historischen Ereignisse — die Https:// zwischen Papsttum, französischem Girls Nice und dem Templerorden — click to see more mit den privaten Schicksalen der Figuren verknüpft. Mai Das könnte dich auch interessieren. De Nogaret konfrontiert Philip. Was genau in dem Moment passiert, soll an dieser Read more nicht verraten werden. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. MagentaTV als Komplettpaket. De Nogaret zwingt einen der Inhaftierten durch Folter zu einem falschen Geständnis, sodass die Bevölkerung die königliche Propaganda über die Untaten des Ordens glaubt.


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