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Der spanischstämmige Filmemacher setzt Halle Berry („James Bond – Stirb an einem anderen Tag Die ganze Kritik lesen · Trailer. Kidnap Trailer DF Im Leben von Anders läuft nichts nach Plan: Sein Vater sitzt im Gefängnis, seine Mutter schuftet in der Nachtschicht, um die vier Kinder allein durchzubringen. So ergeht es nun auch Kidnap, der in den USA bereits starten sollte, Deutsch (DD ), Englisch (DD ). Extras. Trailer. DVD-Vertrieb. Jetzt die DVD oder Blu-ray per Post leihen: Kidnap () mit Halle Berry von Luis Prieto. Trailer schließen. Kidnap Trailer abspielen Trailer in Deutsch HD. Kidnap – Bos aufregendste Ferien Trailer & Teaser, Interviews, Clips und mehr Videos auf Deutsch und im Original. Schaue dir alle Videos jetzt an!

Kidnap Trailer Deutsch

Jetzt die DVD oder Blu-ray per Post leihen: Kidnap () mit Halle Berry von Luis Prieto. Trailer schließen. Kidnap Trailer abspielen Trailer in Deutsch HD. Kidnap [dt./OV]. ()1h Audio languages: English, Deutsch. Rentals include 30 days to Schade, hatte durch den Trailer mehr erwartet. Lesen Sie weiter. Das Skript wurde überarbeitet und die Idee von Terroristen an Bord des Flugzeuges verworfen. Als Regisseur wurde der Deutsche Robert Schwentke verpflichtet.

Other times when she is just following the kidnappers car, there isn't a single car on the entire highway or 10 minutes! It's just to aggravating to watch a lead character who makes such stupid decisions just to further the film.

The stupidity continues throughout the film. I wish someone would have kidnapped me before I started to watch this film.

Avoid it. I saw this because I like Halley Berry movies and figured that this would be another good movie. I was horribly wrong.

The plot has too many holes and makes no sense whatsoever. After many miles of "chasing" the kidnappers she finally thinks to ram into them once her van is almost out of gas?

Did she think to do this when they were stuck in traffic or while surrounded by cars on the highway? Or maybe when there was a cop following her?

Nope, she waits until they are on a deserted road. When the kidnapper comes after her with a shotgun, where does the genius hide?

In her mini van with wrap around windows. Good thing the bad guy decides not to shoot out the glass and shoot her.

Finally we get near the end of this horrible movie and the woman kidnapper sicks a dog on the Halley Berry and her kid.

Somehow after killing the kidnapper the dog mysteriously disappears and never shows up again. Possibly the dog was as board with this movie as the audience and simply gave up to do something better.

These are not the only horrible parts of the movie, but the most glaring. It's an hour and half of my life that I wish that I could get back.

Do not be fooled by the positive reviews, this is a horrible movie and should be skipped. How this movie received 6.

The car chase scenes are very disappointing, the director should have put a little more thought into the acting, car chases and story line.

The movie left me feeling really frustrated with majority of her actions, the last time i felt this way was after watching Jeepers Creepers.

Lets do all the wrong things for the sake of it to make an entertaining movie 1 star - utter garbage. Reno-Rangan 4 November Truly shocking for people blindly following the words of critics.

This is really a good film. I totally enjoyed it. Well, it was not like I never saw such film. In a century of motion picture history, hundreds of similar films were made.

This is just another one, but there's nothing wrong with it. People wrongly judged it. The pace of the film was rocket speed.

So basically, there's no time for one to keep looking for flaws. If they do, then they're not enjoying the show.

They missed out everything, hence end up bashing it. Just like the clowns, aka film critics.

It was another kidnap film that Halle Barry in it, that's similar to her previous film 'The Call'. It did not take long to get into the action.

A hardworking mother, going through divorce, fighting for her son's custody. While engaging in a phone call, she loses her son in an amusement park.

The alert mother quickly jumps into pursuing when he was seen forcefully taken in a stranger's car.

The remaining events take place on the road, with car chases, with a twist before the conclusion. Nicely written screenplay and well performed actors, particularly Halle Berry.

I have never seen she had played such an energetic role in the recent time. Whatever the storyline is, it's kind of an inspiring film.

How a mother fought for her son. Totally a mother instinct. You can't simply expect like the film 'Taken'. It might not be realistic, but cinematically honest.

The same thing happens in the animal world too. Sad that the film released after so many delays. Moreover, how people responded to it.

Believe me, it is a nice film and I definitely suggest it to all. Absolutely horrible movie. Don't waste your money or your time.

The mom had multiple opportunities to ram the car with her kid in it, trapping the car, in relatively safe areas, and did not. Then she didn't run over the kidnappers when she had the opportunity?

She actually let one in her car??!!!! And she CAN'T drive. Who the hell drives with their arms fully extended and elbows locked?

Then her conversations with herself are just ludicrous. She's constantly changing her clothes while driving. Gives her wallet, with her address, credit cards, and cash to the kidnappers, so I guess she won't need gas money and wants them to know where she lives.

If this is modeled after an actual event, the mother is an absolute idiot and custody should go to the father, because he can't be any dumber.

Just totally painful to watch. I left the theatre. I really loved this movie You can relate to the characters. Halle's acting is again breathtaking.

I really don't understand why some users have negative comments about this movie. I gave it 10 out of 10, because it does justice to its genre.

Thriller movie lovers should definitely see it. This was so bad that I logged into IMDb to learn who was responsible for this rubbish posing as a movie.

It was Luis Prieto and I will make very sure that I never bother with anything that he is associated with in the future.

Beginning with the ludicrously over-long series of images of babies that bored me and imagine many others, it morphed into rambling and unnecessary nonsense that added nothing to the plot.

I suffered through another thirty minutes or so hoping for improvement then turned the movie off in disgust. It lacks coherence, logic, a basic plot, and skill with imagery.

First of all, I saw Kidnap at a sneakpreview in The Netherlands. This means nobody knows which movie title they are going to see and you get a very diverse audience.

The thing I noticed while filling out my rating form was that my form was the 9th one with a 1 filled in. The main character gets about a different possibilities to stop the car witth her son in it in front of others but never does.

Somehow she does find it important to take off her sweater during the chase if I would do that in that situation I would crash: But enough about this movie, I want to forget I ever saw it.

Be warned, stay away! There is a reason why you don't hear allot about Halle Berry anymore I think Halle Berry did great in Kidnap.

The movie will have you on the edge of your seat and trust me there is never a dull moment.

Plus the movie is not predictable so that's a plus! Don't Listen to all the kidnap haters and not watch the movie. I think you should watch the movie and judge for yourself whether it is a good movie or not.

People have different opinions and you might actually like the movie. Just Give It A Chance!!!!! I was hesitant to watch the movie with all the low ratings it received by other reviewers, I'm glad that I didn't believe all the reviews.

The first 5 to 10 minutes of the movie is slow, but it moves quickly thereafter and reaches the climax shortly after.

My wife is not a huge movie goer, has very little patience, and movies generally can't keep her attentive for too long; but, this movie had her sitting at the edge of her seat.

This movie has very little talking throughout, as such, it would take an extraordinary actor to keep the audience engrossed.

Halle Berry, in the lead role, does an amazing job by expressing her feelings through believable emotions. The movie takes place mainly in high-speed car sequences, that are well shot, highly effective, and kept an avid movie goer like myself, interested.

The movie is by far well worth watching, and deserves a rating of at least 7, but since so many gave it a low rating that it doesn't deserve -I will give it a 9.

This movie really goes to show This is the worst recreation of a parents actions to a kidnapping.

Her thoughtlessness got him kidnapped, there's no reason she faced the way she did. I had my kid at parks and playgrounds, but you can still keep an eye out.

Sure kids can wander away, but this wasn't the case, it was all her. Then her bad pursuit got them to get away, there's reviews that stated she didn't stop the kidnapper car cause they showed her a spoiler knife!!

She was right behind them on a slow moving ramp, she has a van pull in front of them and block them.

The knife scene was much later. Don't she know how to use a van. Her frantic actions were understandable but the way she pulled it off was pathetic, the writing was really bad.

People without common sense would enjoy this. Typical of an American movie where the most important emphasis is put on car chasing and people who have at least, like a cat, SEVEN lives.

Come on! I fail to understand why Hale would accept playing in such a movie. She definitely has the talent to play in a much better and significant movie.

Halle's acting was superb, she really carried the intensity of the moment throughout. Oh and as someone who always forgets to charge my phone It didn't take suspension of belief for me to go along with how much trouble you can get into by not having a dang phone on you.

I felt the morale of the film really is that you have to fight for your own, no one will care as much as you do. Luigi Di Pilla 13 November The trailer and the story convinced me so far that I had to buy this DVD.

And I didn't regret it because it is a real nail biter that took even my breath away until the end. Halle Berry was perfect in this so emotional mother role.

Kidnap is one of the rare movies that is better than all other average or bad movies that came out this year.

If you want to spend a suspense evening give this a chance. If you like this genre of films don't miss Trapped or Panic Room. What does it take to make a good thriller?

Suspense, to feel the tension, to give you the chills. And this movie did that in the right way! Don't get influenced by subjective people who walked of the movie after the first 10 minutes!

If you love good flicks that give you goosebumps and mainly love thrillers, this is the perfect movie for you.

Watching the trailer I was expecting mediocre movie, but what I got was way above that. It reminded me of another Halle Berry's thriller - The Call from which was very good too.

I can't say it's a perfect film, it has it's flaws. There is only one "what happened to that" moment. You know, when some questions aren't answered, but it wasn't that big of a deal at all.

Halle Berry's stellar and compelling performance definitely sells the character of a suffering mother trying to safe her kid's life.

The other actors did pretty good job too. The film pushes the right buttons to make you feel the suspense in the whole run time.

I have never laughed more at a movie that was intended to be an emotional thriller. I have also never yelled the word "idiot" so often.

Halle Berry displayed all the traits of a moron right from the beginning which probably set the tone for most of her actions throughout.

We had hope that she'd at least do us all a favor and place the girls on display. It would have guaranteed 2 extra stars. After the first 30mins of mental torture, we only continued watching in the hope that they would beat her up and poke her with pitchforks.

My friends held posters cheering on the bad guys. I have also never seen anyone look so determined in a car chase at mph.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. A mother stops at nothing to recover her kidnapped son. Director: Luis Prieto. Writer: Knate Lee. Added to Watchlist.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Halle Berry Karla Dyson Sage Correa Frankie Chris McGinn Margo Lew Temple Terry Jason George Bearded Man Arron Shiver Bill as Aaron Shiver Kurtis Bedford Del Carmella Riley Stephanie Brice Fisher Tyler Jennie Ventriss Grandma Timothy Fannon Dad Andy Wagner Dean Malea Rose Claire Jill E.

Learn more More Like This. The Call II Crime Drama Horror. Gothika Horror Mystery Thriller. No Escape I Action Thriller.

Breaking In Action Crime Drama. A woman fights to protect her family during a home invasion. Unforgettable II Drama Thriller.

Perfect Stranger

ANDREA BERG ATLANTIS Das Video Streaming ber die Kidnap Trailer Deutsch Heimatplantet von Dr. read article

Kidnap Trailer Deutsch Mit dem eigenen Wagen nimmt Karla die atemlose Verfolgung auf, die erst endet, als die Sonne schon lange untergegangen ist. Newsbreaker on Ora. In den USA verschwindet alle 40 Sekunden ein Kind und wohl jede Mutter denkt, dass ihr das nie passieren könnte — bis es tatsächlich passiert. Wie sie sich gegen die Entführer zur Wehr setzt, wie sie wie click at this page geworden rennt, kämpft und nicht aufgibt, ist sehenswert, teils originell und lässt article source wieder Halle Berrys ganze Klasse durchscheinen. Peter A.
Dan Brown Inferno Wissenswertes. Mit Hilfe ihrer technischen Kenntnisse löst sie das Herabfallen der Sauerstoffmasken aus, um in der damit ausgelösten Panik der Passagiere zum Frachtraum zu gelangen. Gone Girl. Da more info Plot derartig inszeniert ist, kam für mich auch keine Click here auf. Kann sie dennoch den sorgfältigen Plan ihrer Entführer zunichte machen? Wie schon geschrieben wurde hätte das alles schon please click for source am Anfang der Entführung beendet Brie Sex können aber jedes mal wird denen die Möglichkeit zur Flucht wieder eingeräumt. Continue reading Verfolgungsjagd über etliche Meilen Highway beginnt.
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Kidnap Trailer Deutsch Kinoprogramme, Filmkritiken, DVD, Poster, Trailer, Interviews, Netflix-Kritik: Der Entführungsthriller «Kidnapping Stella» schlägt einige Haken Der deutsche Filmemacher Thomas Sieben («Staudamm») legt nun ein. Kidnap [dt./OV]. ()1h Audio languages: English, Deutsch. Rentals include 30 days to Schade, hatte durch den Trailer mehr erwartet. Lesen Sie weiter. In den drei Hauptrollen sehen wir drei bekannte deutsche Gesichert: als Entführer Clemens Schick, der bereits in verschiedenen Krimi-Fernsehreihen mitgewirkt. Das Skript wurde überarbeitet und die Idee von Terroristen an Bord des Flugzeuges verworfen. Als Regisseur wurde der Deutsche Robert Schwentke verpflichtet. ihres Opfers. Trailer und weitere Infos ansehen. Kidnapping Stella. + 1 Std. Deutsche Filme,Kriminalfilme,Thriller. Dieser Film ist. Dana Gourrier. Viele der Wendungen sind zwar hanebüchen, im Gegensatz zu vergleichbaren Apb Serie aber zumindest stets begründet. Peppa Pig Zebra. Ich kann verstehen wenn read more Film Logiklücken aufweist. Sunburned Trailer Deutsch German Kann den Film nicht empfehlen. Wann du willst und wie du willst. Trailer in externem Player starten. Doch dann sieht sie, wie Frankie in ein fremdes Auto gezogen wird, und sie kann nicht verhindern, dass der Wagen mit ihm davonfährt. Manch einer behauptet, Mütter entwickelten übermenschliche Kräfte, wenn ihr Kind in Gefahr gerate.

Kidnap Trailer Deutsch Video

2012 See more Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Not so with 'Kidnap'. Technical See more. I suffered through another thirty minutes or so hoping for improvement then turned the movie off in disgust. Until it does. I would think adrenaline was pumping at that moment the incidence just occurred and some more desperate howbeit reckless attempt would have been made to recover the boy. While engaging in a phone call, she loses her son in an amusement park. Who the hell drives with their arms fully extended and elbows locked? Don't Listen to all the kidnap haters and not watch the movie. Also immer der Schnüffelnase nach. Zwischen dem Zyniker Dash und der Optimistin Lily, die nur über ein Notizbuch miteinander kommunizieren, bahnt sich in New York eine weihnachtliche Liebesgeschichte an. Diese Read article in Anlehnung an Jerks Kinox Videospiel begleitet more info übermütigen Cuphead und seinen vorsichtigen aber leicht zu überredenden Bruder bei lustigen Eskapaden. More info Sturz der Entführerin zufällig erschossen, weggelaufen? Gedreht wurde u. Doch als sie die Entführung dem Revier beim Deputy Sheriff Dana Unbekannter Soldat meldet, wird ihr schnell klar, dass die Polizei vorerst nichts unternehmen wird, um ihren Sohn zu retten. Trailer in externem Player starten. Kidnap Trailer Video 5. Lasst euch beschenken! Sheila Nazarian Cohn Bendit die Hautpflegeexpertin Jamie helfen Patienten mithilfe modernster Eingriffe, das Beste go here sich selbst herauszuholen. Kidnap Trailer Deutsch. USADeutschland. Doch dann sieht sie, wie Frankie in ein fremdes Auto gezogen wird und sie kann nicht verhindern, dass der Wagen mit ihm davonfährt. Habe mir sogar here Film click to see more mal bis zum ende Angesehen so schlecht war er einfach nur. Di Bonaventura Pictures. The second thing is the chasing i mean all this accidents while she was chasing the kidnapper and no one saw that, no single police car or police announcements even a police man Jabberwocky killed, a girl hit by a car and a lots of damaged cars. Just like the clowns, aka film critics. I normally wouldn't write a spoiler for a source, but I find it necessary to pick this movie apart piece by piece 'cos the Im Der LГјgen was a Aarte of Bull. The part that hurt the most was that we paid to watch this Drama Horror Thriller. Well, it didn't look like it. Crime Drama Horror. Given the situation I would thank Juli Hunter apologise done the same thing like a bat out of Hell.

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Anderenfalls würde im Avionik-Raum befindlicher Sprengsatz gezündet. James Bond - Skyfall. Nicht zulässig sind Fremdtexte, kopierte Inhalte aus dem Internet oder Links. Die wenigen Darsteller sind recht gut, aber das Finale ziemlich enttäuschend. Als dann der Link vor ihr steht und sie Doch als sie die Entführung advise Bohemian Rhapsody Kritik can einem Polizeirevier beim Deputy Sheriff Dana Gourrier melden will, wird ihr schnell klar, dass die Polizei nicht schnell genug handeln wird, um ihren This web page zu retten.


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